Wednesday, March 22, 2000

The Archives: When Worlds Collide (or) Hallucinogenic Portobellos

I've always been fascinated by dreams, their source, their symbolism, the deeper meanings they have. But sometimes a dream is just a dream. That is, sometimes their source is pretty clear.

My world has changed a great deal from my college days to the days of parenthood, cooking dinner, and home-ownership. This fact of reality becomes pretty evident when you go to bed after watching Porky's and have a dream that brings the two worlds together and goes something like this: You're hanging out with a buddy at the docks and he's got a bag of drugs to share with you. The drugs include a long list of fun things, such as hallucinogenic Portobello mushrooms (a favorite dinner ingredient), herbs resembling wilting rhododendron leaves (which strangely resemble the ones in my yard) that produce funky visions when nibbled, various pills that look like my prenatal vitamins, and last but not least, marijuana wrapped up in cotton balls and Huggies diapers.

Jacob woke me this morning before I got a chance to hear what the cop who confiscated the bag had to say. But had the dream continued, I imagine he would have advised me to grow up, and get back to the things in my life that are clearly more important, those not worth trying to escape from. And he would probably have resembled my dad quite a bit.

Wow. What a long, strange trip THAT was.

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